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Restored Carousel Horses


Painting is one of my joys and passions, and ranges from realism to impressionistic to abstract.


For over ten years I have been painting murals on anything from plain white walls in homes to the inside or outside of train boxcars.  I've also painted tiny murals on light switch covers.  In fact, it's been said that if you stand in one place long enough, I'll paint you!


Donated Murals
These are indoor murals I donated to a senior facility.(September 2012)



June 2013



Commissioned Murals
Scenes from a 30-foot wall mural.  This huge wall I painted with parrots and flowers and mountains.

Scenes from an 80-foot wall mural.




An inside wall mural.

Garden mural.

This is a 4x5 ft commissioned mural inside a home.

Contact Me

E-mail:  terrybirkenfeld@yahoo.com
Web:  www.birkworks.com

My New Book What Does 'Living Inside of Time' Mean to You? by Terry Birkenfeld
My first book has been published (July 2008) and it's entitled What Does "Living Inside of Time" Mean to You?.  It contains 40 stories from people who've learned to do just that.  Live Inside of Time.  This means something different to most people, and my book reflects this.
ISBN 1-60474-712-9
Available by ordering from your local bookstore or online through Amazon.com.
It is also available from Publish America.

Meeting Dr. Ruth Gruber in New York Dr. Ruth Gruber and me
A huge dream came true for me on October 4, 2008 when I traveled to New York and was able to meet Dr. Ruth Gruber.  It was her book Inside of Time that inspired me to write my own book, What Does "Living Inside of Time" Mean to You?  Not only does Dr. Gruber, at age 97, continue to write heartrending historical accounts of Jewish refugees, she also does public speaking at places like the Jewish Museum of History in New York.  I encourage you to read all of her books for a true picture of lifelong service to humanity.  Her books may be purchased from Amazon.com.
My philosophy of life has become "follow your joy or you may die before you die."
I was born and raised in Scotland, Texas, a small village about two hours north of Dallas.  I currently live in Santa Rosa, California from December to June, and divide my time between Colorado Springs and the Iron Mountain wilderness of Colorado for the rest of the year.

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