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(July 2008)
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Original Greeting Cards for Sale (5" x 7")
Blank inside with envelopes.

Price: $4.50 each (includes s&h). 

3 cards - $10.50 (includes s&h)      5 cards - $16.50 (includes s&h)
(Contact me for a quote if you would like to commission anything in particular.)
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New Samples      Samples

Mini works of art!  No two cards are the same.  Frame after (or before) use.

Message on the back of every card:
"My philosophy of life is that we are a ONE-OF-A-KIND expression of God's creativity.
My goal is for my ONE-OF-A-KIND cards to embody that philosophy
and let the person who receives one realize that they too, are ONE-OF-A-KIND."

One-of-a-kind note cards have engrossed me for nearly 15 years, so it was a natural progression to move from my picture painting and murals to these cards.

Order using your credit card safely and securely through PayPal.
(U.S.A. destinations only.)

One Card = $4.50 (incl. s&h)  
Three Cards = $10.50 (incl. s&h)

Five Cards = $16.50 (incl. s&h)

Contact Me

E-mail:  terrybirkenfeld@yahoo.com
Web:  www.birkworks.com

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